This is my original image

This is my original image

Original image: ‘Fourth on Lake Austin
Fourth on Lake Austin
by: Trey Ratcliff

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using befunky this is what i got

Using Befunky this is what I got.


This website is quick and easy to use with lots of different types of effects you can add to your picture to spice it up.

I recommend it to everyone it is such a good website.

I found out this website from

Thank you i reckon everyone should use it!


My Northern Soccer Trip

April 3rd,

I walk into the airport and are greeted by team mates.  We are all going on a trip to Wollongong to play soccer for Northern Tasmania.  We get together and have a few snaps, but then it was time to say goodbye.  We scrambled on the plane and found our seats.  We played our DS’s on the way over.  We got off in Sydney feeling happy to have had made it.  To start the trip we lost four bags out the back of the trailer, so we sat in the van and played the DS.

We found the bags and weren’t even out of the airport 2-3 hours after we had arrived .  We stopped a McDonald’s for some food and ran in side because it was pouring with rain.

We got on the road and headed off to Wollongong.  We got to our caravan park that we were staying at and unpacked and went to bed.

April 6th we hopped on the bus early and headed off to the grounds to get warmed up.  Our first game we had a close game at 1-0 and then lost the rest of games on the next few days.  Some of the scores were 7-2 6-0 4-2 5-1.

Over all I thought we played pretty well and the best player from our team was Ricardo who won by one point over our keeper.  On the last day before we went we all enjoyed a day at the Jamberoo Water Park it had lots of cool rides and activities we all enjoyed the trip and will be remember for a life time.

james and rubys fav pics from flickr cc

Original image: ‘Sign if u have Bieber Fever
Sign if u have Bieber Fever
by: Stella Fences

Released under an Attribution License


Original image: ‘Baby tiger
Baby tiger


Original image: ‘Baby tiger
Baby tiger


Original image: ‘Baby Otter 03
Baby Otter 03
by: Andy Leonard

Released under an Attribution-NonCommercial License

Original image: ‘Nike Total 90 Laser III SG
Nike Total 90 Laser III SG
by: Cliff Cheng LF


I have made it to the basketball grand final for 2010 we will be playing the saints and it will be a ripper of a game. I play point guard which is the person who carries the ball up the court. the last time we played them we lost but we finished on top of the ladder for the year. I play for the devils. there were 4 teams in our comp. and we were in div 2. my dad is the coach and he is very good at it. I have enjoyed my time in the team this year.




Original image: ‘NBA Spalding Basketball
NBA Spalding Basketball
by: Jason Pearce 


Skiing is awesome

On the holidays me and my family and some friends went skiing at falls creek. We had a great time and enjoyed every second of it.

Skiing down the slopes is amazing and heaps of fun we did begginer runs (green) intermidiate runs (blue) and advanced runs (black) it was my first time skiing and i was on the advanced runs it was such a surprise.

We stayed in a apartment building called crows nest wich had 3 floors and the kitchen was on the 3rd floor and the where i was sleeping was on the bottom floor.

There were 15 tows or chair lifts and 40 runs and a yodelling  man at the top of a run standing in the freezeing cold playing an acordian.

it was an amazing holiday and we came early just so i could play basketball in the grand final and the next day soccer in Hobart so i was very tired

I loved my holiday so much and we ended off with a fireworks show at the bottom of a balck run where the ski teachers came down doing tricks

 It was amazing and a great way to end the awesome holiday.

Thank you and i hoped you liked it




Original image: ‘X-Games!
by: Zach Dischner

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